Our Story

Joanne and John

The beginning

Boustagill Farm has been our family home since we married in 1995. John moved here when he was two years old.

John’s mum remembers him collecting eggs, wearing nothing but a little pair of red wellies. (He doesn’t do that now, we promise!)

We met in a local pub, while trying to out-do each other on a quiz machine. Joanne had ventured into the countryside near her grandparents’ home and never looked back.

Growing up

We’ve raised three lovely girls on our farm. It was a childhood of wellies, frogspawn, tree houses and barns, with the stars in the sky as the only streetlights.

As our girls grew up, we realised this place was very special, somewhere other people might want to stay.

We decided to share a part of the farm with guests – so they too could wake up to the views of the hills, that we feel blessed to wake up to every morning. Providing everyone with a unique stay was our mission.

View of Boustagill Farm

Dreaming big

It was love at first sight when we saw our handcrafted camping pods. We knew they’d be warm and comfy all year round – whatever the weather (it is Yorkshire!).

Heat, light, insulation, beds and kitchens were essential starting points. Next came the fine, all important details, to make our guests’ stay unforgettable. Dreams were filled with feather and down duvets, stacking mugs and retractable toasting forks!

Being able to custom-build your own stay makes all the difference. Do you want to toast marshmallows round a blazing fire pit, soak in the warm water of a private hot tub, or indulge in an English breakfast hamper? Whatever floats your boat, we’ve got you and your budget covered.

What we want for you

Passion in the country

We’re still busy running Boustagill, with the great support of John’s parent’s. Our hearts will always belong to dairy farming and agriculture. And we now have a new passion for renewable energies and green tourism.

Looking after our guests is always at the top of our priority list. We’re over the moon that Peaks and Pods has become a destination to be really proud of.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

John and Joanne

The cows at Boustagill Farm