We have fire bowls on each patio that may be used with our £10 barbecue charcoal packs. The fire bowls have a barbecue grill and poker. Charcoal packs contain a box of matches, eco-friendly firelighters, kindling, quality charcoal and metal tongs. They can be bought from the display rack at The Hub at any time.

Your own charcoal or disposable barbecues are strictly not permitted.

We also have a wood-fired oven at The Hub that can be hired for £15. The cost includes fire lighting equipment, logs, a pizza paddle, oven mitt, pizza wheel and chopping board. Guests love to cook pizzas in the oven, but it’s also great for other food too. (Bring your own metal trays though.) The oven can either be hired in advance or on arrival, if it’s not already booked.