IMPORTANT HOT TUB NEWS: Our existing wood-fired hot tubs, described below, are due to be replaced at the end of April. We’re planning to install new hot tubs with air source heat pumps instead of stoves. There will be no fire to light and the freshly-filled tubs will be warming for new arrivals. Email us at if you would like more information about the changes.

Wood-Fired Hot Tubs

Pack your swimmers and get ready to relax in your own private hot tub. The tub is located on the private patio at the side of your pod, with stunning countryside views. The wooden tub, with a plastic liner, has generous seating inside. The inside of your tub lights up at night with subtle LEDs operated by a remote control.

This isn’t a spa tub or Jacuzzi with blowers, jets and heater. You’ll be responsible for lighting your stove and managing the water temperature, with lots of help, information and advice from us.

We’ll leave plenty of logs to fuel your hot tub stove for the duration of your stay, and we’ll also provide matches, natural fire lighters and kindling.

We supply a wooden paddle to keep the water at an even temperature, a skimmer net to help you to keep your water clean, and a floating thermometer to help you to control the temperature.

The water in your hot tub takes approximately 2.5 to 3hours to warm to 38 degrees, so strike a match, sit back and enjoy the views until your water is at the perfect temperature. If you can’t wait to take a dip, opt for the pre-lighting service for an extra £15. We light the stove a few hours before you arrive and keep our eye on the temperature so it’s close to perfect by the time you arrive. This may be chosen as an optional extra when you book.

Guests will receive a detailed hot tub information email the week before arrival.

Hot tub rules:

    • Shower before using the tub – this will help to keep your water clean.
    • Wear outdoor footwear before getting in the tub so that you don’t take dirty particles into the water.
    • Don’t wear body oil, creams or lotions.
    • Don’t exceed the maximum number of bathers (4-6 people).
    • Don’t use the tub if the water temperatures exceed 40 degrees C.
    • Seek medical advice if pregnant or have a medical issue.
    • Supervise all children in and around the hot tub and hot tub stove.
    • No children under the age of six due to risk of overheating.
    • Children over six must be able to stand on the bottom with their head fully out of the water.
    • No glass or glass bottles in the hot tub. Plastic only.
    • Always replace the lid when the tub is not in use.
    • Secure the lid with the lockable safety strap.
    • If you feel too warm, get out of the hot tub and take a break.
    • Do not use the tub if you are under the influence of alcohol or sedatives.
    • Don’t touch the chimney or wood-burning stove (except for the door handle) as they may be very hot.