We ask that guests leave their pod as clean and tidy as they find them. We supply everything you need to keep your pod clean during your stay. In the kitchen you’ll find washing-up liquid, sponge, microfibre cloth, washing-up brush, all-purpose spray and a dustpan and brush.

In your bathroom cupboard you’ll find a range of products including bathroom spray, toilet cleaner and a cloth. We also keep an electric sweeper and long sweeping brush in the Little Laundry for clean-ups. We ask that guests empty their rubbish into the large bins at The Hub, wash-up and put away dishes, wipe down their sinks and leave their pods in good order.

We ask guests to clean their pods before they leave as it is respectful and helps us to keep them in tip-top condition. We may make a charge of £15 without prior notification for pods left in an unclean state.